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Guy Niv hangs up the helmet. I think it's cool that new countries are producing competitive cyclists, not that he was a huge WT talent but he finished the TdF a few times.

He had his best finishes just year so this is surprise. He is very much turning down the chance to be a pro.
Haven't seen it mentioned in this forum yet, but among a stellar list of retirees this season is also Tanel Kangert. Il Lombardia was his last race. He only announced his impending retirement publicly a day before, but admitted after the race that he had already planned it out when signing his current contract with BEX.

At his peak he was among the very best mountain domestiques in the world, instrumental in helping Nibali win the Giro in 2013 and Tour in 2014. A remarkably level headed and selfless professional.
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Sonny Colbrelli Retires.
If he was a footballer he could likely carry on; look at Christian Eriksen......

Update: in https://www.gazzetta.it/Ciclismo/30...lli-lettera-defibrillatore-450876876187.shtml Sonny says:

But football is not cycling, it is played in a space where doctors are there to intervene in an emergency. Cycling takes place on the roads, you often find yourself alone for hours. That defibrillator is a lifesaver for me, taking it off would have been too high a risk, and I can't afford it.
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