Étoile de Bessèges 2021 (February 3-7)

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Perhaps, but Ganna sure has the “look” and apparently the power to perform well over pave’, particularly on a section like the Old Kwaremont, though of course we don’t know (or I should say, I don’t know) how well suited to cobbles he is in terms of technique and mindset.

And I can totally imagine cobbled races where VAM, Van Aert, VDP, and Sagan indeed DO look at each other when a rider like Ganna is up the road, which is how strong rouleurs who might not be the favs end up winning races like Roubaix.
Always possible, particularly with the makeup of the group ( if you just has those 4 it could easily happen) but if they have teammates or as usual QS have multiple guys there, I can't see him riding them off like Gilbert when he doesn't have a team like QS had around Gilbert.
Talk of Ganna and the cobbled classics is by no means new: he won the Paris Roubaix espoirs back in 2016, and he raced the Northern Classics every year between 2017 and 2019. Issue is he's never performed there at any noteable level. It's true that he really kicked on in the second half of 2019, and reached a much higher level in 2020 than ever before, so perhaps this can be the year where he impresses. I wouldn't be absolutely sure of it, though; his best result so far is 43rd at Gent Wevelgem, with many more DNFs and OTLs than placings.

An article from 2018 which talks about this
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Impressed by the time Wellens displayed. Never knew him the be a TT guy.

Check out who is third and fourth (both had been on the attack the previos day, though).
Some of the these classic specialists (If we can call them like that) can pull very good TT when they try. They have all the tools to do so. The issue is that when the world is watching in races like the Tour de France, Giro and Vuelta they don't try. They don't have to.
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