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100th Volta Ciclista a Catalunya(2.UWT) - 22nd March - 28th March

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Imagine Roglič having such a great support on a final climb yesterday. With 400 meters to go, what would Rogla do? Would he wait with his team mates to easily cross the line? Well, I think he would break Chavito's heart :smile::tearsofjoy: Would be fun to watch. So, of course, why would someone let somebody win from other team, if your team does all the work on the front all day. Ineos would deserve a win yesterday. But it is shame that no one of Ineos riders have enough of a push in final (Neither A. Yates, Porte or Thomas). Can't wait for Roglič to show us his strength again in the final of climbs.

Well firstly Roglic dont need a team like Ineos because he would hardly notice them...he seems to be oblivious to those around him

Secondly why would it be fun to break Chaves's heart ...what kind of monster are you :p

Thirdly yesterday was not a gift to Chaves from Ineos ...there are no gifts esp from Ineos. And anyway there were several other riders who could have chased Chaves. The boy deserved the victory and has the legs