109th/1st Scheldeprijs (aka El Crashico), Wednesday, April 7th, 2021

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Who will be the winners of the 2021 Scheldeprijs?

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Lets get this thread back on track.
Taken from the race website:

It was already noticeable the past few days, April is being whimsical again. On Wednesday, the roads between Terneuzen and Schoten will also fall prey to the fickle weather.

The riders can prepare for a mile-long battle with the wind, as a maximum wind force of 6 Beaufort is predicted in Zeeland, with gusts of up to 70 kilometres per hour. The wind will come from the northwest, diagonally in the back. The sprinters can therefore expect echelons. The first 70 kilometres from Terneuzen are therefore very important.

On the local rounds in Schoten, the riders will have to warm up well because with temperatures between freezing point and six degrees, it will be very cold and there is even a chance of snow.

Will DQS drill it from the start or are they too afraid of making Sam Bennett puke again?

We also have the startlists. The one for the women's race comes with a nice guide to help you tell all the blue, purple and red jerseys apart:

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Haha El Crashico. Harsh and sad, but also funny.

Really curious how this race will play out in such weather conditions. Could be a very locked up day with a slippery sprint, or a hard men's battle.
A group of around 16 riders including Norsgaard, Balsamo, Wiebes, Georgi, Dideriksen, Klein, Alice Barnes, Alba Teruel, Brennauer and my newest favourite, Sara Martín Martín, has a gap of 25-30 seconds with 100 km. left.

Both Chloe Hosking from Trek and the full Alé BTC Ljubljana squad with Bastianelli are out of the race due to Covid positives.

Also a bit of confusement on twitter, because #SP21 is also used for the upcoming Scottish election.

Edit: Norsgaard had a mechanical, Movistar stopped working in the break and things came back together.
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