109th/1st Scheldeprijs (aka El Crashico), Wednesday, April 7th, 2021

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Who will be the winners of the 2021 Scheldeprijs?

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I'm surprised at Bouhanni DNS.

I always thought he wasn't bothered by cold, wet, windy weather. And he seems too thick skinned for the incident the other day to affect him.

I may be wrong on both counts though.
Could Daniek Hengeveld be the female equivalent of Remco? She's had a fine first season among the pros so far. But she won't hold on today ufortunately.

PCS claims that Nizzolo has abandoned the race, but also that he's in the front group.
Group 1: Van Moer, Ackermann, Schwarzmann, Burghardt, Bennett, Mørkøv, Danny van Poppel, Vahtra, Nizzolo, Walscheid, Philipsen, Rickaert and Russo

Group 2 (+28): Dewulf, Selig, Sénéchal, Cavendish, Van Lerberghe, Koch, Bol, Kristoff, Merlier, Mozzato, De Bondt, Siskevicius, Bugter, Van Schip, Van Gestel and Havik

Groups 3, 4 and 5: ???
So do Alpecin let Philipsen try his luck against Bennett, Nizzolo and Ackermann, or do they pull Merlier into the lead group, thus re-introducing Bol, Kristoff, and 3 more DQS helpers?
Merlier and Kristoff just crashed so the Philipsen card looks more likely at this point. Keep in mind those four were the top four at De Panne and Philipsen was second after a perfect leadout for Bennett.
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After around 2 hours:

Jasper Philipsen (BEL)
Pascal Ackermann (DUI)
Giacomo Nizzolo (ITA)
Sam Bennett (IER)
Brent Van Moer (BEL)
Michael Schwarzmann (DUI)
Marcus Burghardt (DUI)
Michael Mørkøv (DEN)
Danny van Poppel (NED)
Norman Vahtra (EST)
Max Walscheid (DUI)
Jonas Rickaert (BEL)
Clément Russo (FRA)

+ 40"

Alexander Kristoff (NOO)
Tim Merlier (BEL)
Cees Bol (NED)
Stan Dewulf (BEL)
Rüdiger Selig (DUI)
Florian Sénéchal (FRA)
Bert Van Lerberghe (BEL)
Jonas Koch (DUI)
Dries De Bondt (BEL)
Luca Mozzato (ITA)
Evaldas Šiškevicius (LIT)
Dries Van Gestel (BEL)
Jan-Willem van Schip (NED)
Luuc Bugter (NED)
Piotr Havik (NED)
Mark Cavendish (GBR)

Peloton + 1'45"
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