114th Paris-Roubaix - UCI World Tour (10/4-2016)

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Billie said:
DFA123 said:
TMP402 said:
Scarponi said:
Boonen should come back for one more go next year
Well he's not retiring so he probably will...
Let's hope not; I wouldn't even be too surprised if Canc decided to give it another shot.
Hayman is 3 years older so Tom will definatly should come back next season
It was an incredible ride; I didn't think he still had it in him. He must have spent 50km+ on the front throughout the day.
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42x16ss said:
portugal11 said:
Boonen is the moral winner.
How? Hayman was in the break for around 200kms and even attacked with 80kms to go to thin out the break. 2nd or 3rd strongest at worst. Just chasing back on over the Carrefour de l'Abre was huge.
"I made the breakway, but I only went once, so I saved my legs all day” -Hayman

I don't subscribe to the 'moral winner' crap, Hayman is the only winner. But there's no doubt he had the far easier ride
Jul 23, 2012
Well, that finale was pretty great. Bummed for Tommeke. The only downside of the race was Slovak commentators hyping Sagan long after it was obvious that his and Cancellaras group is not comming back to the leaders.
Dec 31, 2015
Wow, that was a phenomenal race, best I've ever seen. I'm so glad that we got to see all of it!!!

Hayman a worthy winner, as any of the others in top 5 would would have been.

Sad to see Cancellara go down like that though :(

Jelantik said:
maybe sky is kicking themself. Their ex member win the monument. What a ride by hayman.
Meh, he's Australian like Gerrans so it made sense for him to join Orica.

I almost have the feeling that Stannard should have waited for the sprint rather than try those two attacks. He was really strong after the last cobbled section.
Jan 20, 2016
well, last year's was pretty good, this one might have topped it because JD was always going to win that 2015 sprint
Aug 16, 2013
All the cobble classics were just superb.

Roubaix the best of them all, but also Flanders, GW and E3 were splendid!