114th Paris-Roubaix - UCI World Tour (10/4-2016)

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Taxus4a said:
Very good race! I wanted Cancellara to win, but it was a race where cycling won, and that is the important.
One of the best races so far this season, and one of the best forum
posts as well. Beautiful words from Taxus4a, whose knowledge and
understanding of cycling is matched by his passion for our sport.
Great race and great result
The only thing that could really have added to it would have been if Canc and/or Sagan had been gaining in the closing stages
Even if they'd not quite got there, to have had that extra element of uncertainty and drama would have been something else.

jsem94 said:
That's one of the best videos I've ever seen. It's one of the greatest stories in the last few years. The biggest upset since Zaugg or Vansummeren.
Watching the NBCSN broadcast it was gratifying to see Hayman come back after being muscled out in the corner. In typical Liggetian fashion they didn't hardly notice that he had to dig deep and regain contact while the other studs were deeply attacking. Going to watch the vid now but every rider in the top 20 has to be proud they were in one of the best races of all time.
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wayahead said:
Logic-is-your-friend said:
rhubroma said:
But Boonen didn't have to close the friggin gap!!!

I don't follow your "logic."
Ok. No problem. My logic is, they had themselves to blame for having to chase. And they have themselves to blame for not being able to bridge. That's all.
If this is your logic, you are mostly right. But it has nothing to do with what rhubroma writes. He (like me) was looking forward to the clash of titans and it didnt materialize. Happy for winner and race, but this was the last chance for their battle. (Still I rated it 9.) Also I think you overestimate those GPS gaps and make strong conclusions about weakness of Cancelara & Sagan. At the point where Stuyven stepped back and Cancellara and Sagan attacked (cca 60 km to go) the gap was about 40 sec. At 57 km to go the gap was about 35 seconds. Then Boonen group started to cooperate very effectively. So it was Cance&Sagan vs about 10 riders. At 48 km to go the gap was cca 45 sec, at 46 km to go Cancellara crashed. Would they close the gap - we can guess only. They would still be probably done (especially Sagan). But they vere very strong in this race and leading group had to work hard to keep them off. Sagan and Cancellara deserve more credit for their race.
I couldn't have analysed it better. After 30 years of following the sport, I'm admittedly jaded by anything less than the clash of titans. I know, it's a weakness, but I'm little interested in the foibles. Anything less and I'm invariably disappointed, however unpopular that may be here. It will probably be the end of me.

saunaking said:
Cancellera didn't have it. He & Sagan were some 30-40s behind the lead when Sky crashed, Rowe pretty hard. The next 10 mins or so before Fabian went down they were unable to even close on Rowe
Of course not...he was up against to many. He was fine form wise. He was first distanced because of a crash. It's not like he had poor form.