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As factual as Daniel Martinez being the new Daniel Martin (with aditional letters)?
No it's more factual than that.

Daniel Martinez is not Daniel Martin with additional letters, his name might be like that but not him himself.

Although after thinking for a bit I have to concede. "Casper is the next Pedersen" is not factual. The factual one would be "Casper is the previous Pedersen" as he is older than Mads. But to be fair- it could be factual with another point of reference. I'm sure there have been more Pedersens.
No he isn't. Casper is from March 1996, Mads is from December 1995. So Mads has got a few months on Casper.
Ahh, you're right. The best things is that I had actually checked their birth dates before writing my previous post but I of course had to misread the numbers. :D And I'm usually quite good with numbers but not this time.

So in the end "Casper is the next Pedersen" IS far too factual for my liking.
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