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2010 Wish List

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Jun 16, 2009
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phillop said:
I want to see sastre win another grand tour.
Jose Rujano to return to the same form he had in the giro a few years ago.
some one to beat contador at the tour, and the cobbled stage and the medium mountains to have a decent influence over the GC.
Soler to return to form, and challange for the giro.
cavendish to break his leg, this would make the sprints much more interesting to watch.
BMC not to get invited to the tour, cadel and hincapie to not get any results.
More cycling coverage on TV here in australia

You one of the australian cadel haters...?
Aug 12, 2009
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Publicus said:
I want no major contenders (be they stage racers or one-day specialist) to be injured and miss a major race.

I want to see Andy when his first GT and AC to win the TdF

I want to see Liquigas live up to it's GT promise.

I want to see Levi assert himself for the victory in a GT.

You covered all bases with that. However the probability they will all occur is low. Basically the bottom two can happen but without the win. Liquigas can live up to its potential and Levi can assert himself in a GT, but they cannot get the wins if Andy and Alberto win a GT each (Giro for Pellizotti and Levi will be in California). But good work covering the bases in case one does not eventuate.

What I want to see:

Lance and Trek getting spanked by Lemond and his legal team in court.

Lance and Bruyneel get caught with their pants at their ankles and the Shack booted off the Tour mid race. One can hope!

Evans to ride and do well at the Giro.

An all Spanish podium at the TdF, Contador, Sanchez, Valverde and Sastre. Don't care what order, but prefer Contador FTW.

Haussler to ride in an Aussie jersey in Geelong and win the WC.

Cavendish to be beaten or in a non event, let one of his teammates, Greipel, Renshaw, I don't care who, win a stage at the Tour. HTC are greedy and Stapleton needs his nose knocked out of joint. Cav loosing would be tops!

TV wise, Liggett to be shown the door or told to stop the Lance love in. Matthew Keenan (if he can forgo the drama and pants wetting when Cadel is up for a win) to replace him. Nothing personal, but the bias from Liggett has gone on long enough. Neutrality is needed. Phil cannot and will not do this anymore, so bye bye.
Apr 12, 2009
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-Gilbert winning in Sanremo (he has tried so many times, he really deserves a win there)
-If not: Gilbert winning Ronde van Vlaanderen, or World's
-A belgian on a GT-podium (utopic, i know:))
-A thrilling Spring season
-A boring Tdf (as I will not be able to see it next year :D)
-Tom Boonen beating Cancelare in a TT.
-Ricco not being able to show anything in the mountains. (similar to Vino this year)

edit: And mcEwen winning some races again!
Mar 11, 2009
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-Langeveld winning Vlaanderen
-Bos becoming a great sprinter
-Gesink beating Evans in any GT
-Vino attacking everywhere like he's 25 again

/-CQ ranking getting UCI recognition. If you want a ranking, pick a good one ffs.
Jun 22, 2009
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ak-zaaf said:
-Langeveld winning Vlaanderen
-Bos becoming a great sprinter
-Gesink beating Evans in any GT
-Vino attacking everywhere like he's 25 again

/-CQ ranking getting UCI recognition. If you want a ranking, pick a good one ffs.

this would be just as good tho :D


Cavendish to win a second MsR and Green in Paris
Hincapie to win on the cobbles
Valverde to finally confess and be banned
AC to confess and be banned
A french rider to podium at the tour/win on bastille day
Armstrong to win the tour just to see the reaction on here
Vino to win the giro and world championships
Russ Downing winning the cancer classic giving sky a win in their first race
Theo Boss getting thrown into the barriers by radioshack
Ricco going backwards on the first major climb of the giro and looking like a mug

edit: and evans crashing in all three grand tours, and finishing the season 72nd in the world rankings


- Hincapie wins P-R (and pigs will then fly out of my a$$)
- Farrar beats Cav heads up at least three times
- Cadel wins the TdF (yes I have ravaged the guy in the past, but his worlds win softened me to him plight)
- Wiggins finishes 12th in the Tour
- Basso gets busted ("It was my first time" defense angers me more than complete denial)
- Armstrong finishes 8th in the Tour (his only result close to winning anything during the year) or gets busted (with Pat McOstrich at the helm of the UCI, the latter will never happen, but here is to wishing!)
- The Giro not ending up being disgraced by a drug scandal for one of the podium finishers. It is by far the best GT and deserves an unblemished year.
- EBH wins a classic and podiums at P-R
- Someone in Spain grows a set and starts to shut down the doping rings.
- A wet PR, won by Flecha or Hushovd
- Russell Downing gets a notable win (a stage of Tirreno-Adriatico or something like that)
- I don't mind Contador winning the tour, but it would be nice if it was still close going into the ITT
- A breakaway wins in Geelong
- EBH continues his development
- The Shack put all their eggs in one basket, and then drop it
- Ballan returns to form on cobbles
- Gilbert & Voeckler don't stop attacking


Muddy mess at Paris-Roubaix.
Surprise winner at the TdF.
Young guns kicking ass at the spring classics (EBH, Maskant, Langeveld)
LA dominating the locals for his second straight Nevada City Classic (his only win of the year).
Hoping to see:

- A breakout season for EBH. I'm still not exactly sure what type of rider he is going to become. Very strong in Gent-Wevelgem, he undoubtedly has the characteristics to challenge in the other classics. He also seems to have a mean sprint, and having seen his climbing in the early part of the Giro - it wouldn't surprise me if he ended up in the Green Jersey at some point in his career. (Maybe even this year!!!!!!!)

- My countryman Ryder Hesjedal getting more room to play. Hopefully getting some kind of win, San Sebastian maybe. Also hope he gets put on the garmin Tour team and has the chance to go for a stage victory.

- Andy to pull off the Fleche/LBL double. (even though he is focusing on the Amstel Gold race)

- The emergence of a sprinter who can challenge Cav in the sprints.

- Inspired performances throughout the season by the world champion Evans.

- Continued dominance by Fabian in the ITTs. The watts that guy pumps out.... Beautiful.

- Continued development of young stars: Nibali, Kreuziger, Seeldraeyers, Martin, Gesink, LL Sanchez.

- The Valv-Piti affair to be settled once and for all. I actually still like the guy and hope to see him in action this year at the Tour.

- Epic mountain-duels between the many contenders at this year's tour. (Especially Contador vs Schlecklet)

- Lance to place similarly in the Tour. (Top 5 would be appropriate in my eyes)

- Haussler, Boonen, Chavanel, Devolder, Hushovd, Flecha, Pozzato to put on some great shows on the cobbles.

Probably a few more things I'd like to see.. But this is the best I can do on such short notice ;)
-Gilbert winning Flanders.
-Soler and Rujano regaining their form and being factors in the mountains of the grand tours.
-Nibali getting top 5 in the Tour and winning a summit finish.
-Kreuziger getting close to top 5 in the Tour.
-Gesink dropping Evans on each and every climb that they both contest.
-Samuel Sanchez winning LBL.
-Contador winning the Tour convincingly with the rest battling for the podium spots. At the end of the season announcing he's signing with Caisse d'Epargne.
-Valverde winning San Sebastian, Dauphine, his second Vuelta and topping it off with a world championship road race win.
-Freire ending his career in style with a 2nd green jersey at the Tour.
-Petacchi returning to the Tour and giving Cavendish a run for his money.
Also winning at least 2 Giro stages.
-Haussler winning Paris-Tours and another classic.
- Romain Sicard being the revelation of the season with podiums in 2 major week long stage races, top 20 in 2 of the Ardennes classics and a stage win in one of the grand tours.
-Rui Costa and Rigoberto Uran continue in their progression to becoming elite riders in stage races and hilly classics.
-Hincapie wins Paris-Roubaix on a solo breakaway.
-Vandevelde finishes the Tour higher in the classification than Wiggins and Armstrong.
-Leipheimer gets in a break and is immediately ordered to wait for a struggling Armstrong ultimately resulting in both falling out of overall contention and Kloden as the team's highest placed rider.
-Flecha getting a big win...any one will do!
Mar 11, 2009
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Some others, that may be a bit less nationalistic:
-Petacchi becoming world champion if it comes down to a sprint
-Kreuzigers big breakthrough
-All charges and the Italian ban against Valverde being dropped
-LL Sanchez winning something big
-Nys winning the CX worlds
-IOC not changing Olympic track cycling after all
Oct 6, 2009
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Oscar Freire to win something (anything) reasonably important
Theo Bos and Cav to have an ongoing, drama-filled feud
Hushovd and Flecha to win something cobbled
RadioShack to get not invited to the Tour
UCI to be forced to reform itself
AFLD completely in charge of doping controls at the Tour
Greg Lemond to become very much richer thanks to Trek's stupidity
A good battle between AC and AS at the Tour
Sastre to podium in Giro and Vuelta
AC to do attempt a Tour/Vuelta double
Vino to get some nice wins, including Giro stages
Gesink to perform well at Tour
Versus to remove all its current commentating staff. Bob Roll to go far away.
Universal Sports to hire better commentators & continue to cover more races
Sep 21, 2009
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- fabian or breschel to win paris-roubaix
- fuglsang to show exactly how good he is, without injury and maybe win something big like a stage in dauphine or in the tour?
- cavendish to be more "human" in the sprints
- armstrong to stop while he is healthy and realise that he has won the tour enough times and doesn´t have to show anything
- andy to get closer to contador in the tour, and maybe win it this time!
- and please, do not let cavendish win the world championship
I'd like to see:

• Haussler redeemed at MSR
• Spartacus taking the Ronde
• Hincapie to win another semi-classic in a break
• Edvald Boassen-Hagen taking Roubaix
• Evans to win Amstel
• The Schlecklet taking LBL again
• Another great Giro
• An outsider winning the Tour

and in non-racing news...

• An independent body testing all major races
• Lance to shut up and ride, making it actually, "just about the bike"
Mar 10, 2009
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Only one - for Armstrong NOT to ride, saving us all from his embarrassing excuses and snide remarks, so that we can focus on something newsworthy next year.
Oct 29, 2009
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= Rabobank riders that can stay on their bike for 3 weeks
= 22 teams at the Tour, including Vacansoleil
= Twitter failure, or at least in-race humiliation for each Twitter whiner
= Gesink to be competitive in the Tour, and taking a podium spot in the Vuelta
= a muddy PR
= a Belgian (pref a Pharma-Lotto guy) winning the WC in Oz.
= Pat MacQuaid failing an ASO dope test

= the ability to get living room footage, real-time, of some posters here, when their hero gets humiliated on the road by the rider(s) they detest most
= new forum posters being welcomed during July

Add to that the wish that the Giro and Vuelta remain as entertaining as they have been, and the wish that the Tour, for once, would live up to at least half its potential. If, given the way we are heading into it this time, it is a bore again, then it is fundamentally broken.
Oct 6, 2009
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Mellow Velo said:
Just for a varied and exciting season, in which the spoils get shared around the rewarding teams who dare.
A campaign to raise awareness that the French are lovely folks.
Oh and the Shack to sign Grecian 2000 as co-sponsors!

Um yeah, that's going to be a problem for Levi and Horner. :D
But it would be funny.

I want to second the thought of the poster who hopes to see AlleJet win the rainbow jersey. That would be awesome.
Sep 25, 2009
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(i) schleck bros and berto to fill the 2010 tour podium
(vi) introduction of the autologous blood transfusion test
(ii) sastre winning the giro
(v) biopassport finally becoming an effective tool
(iii) gesink winning multiple races
(iv) vino riding the tour, winning some stages and proving he always was a loyal teammate
(vii) shack banned from the tour
(viii) formation of an effective rider union. honest about their obligations and forceful about their rights.
(ix) ulle writing a tell-all book
(x) armstrong’s 2003-05 blood samples retro tested (yeah it's awish) .

*the ‘as listed’ represent my wish list.
‘as numbered’ represent my view on the 'as listed' probability.
dimspace said:
Armstrong to win the tour just to see the reaction on here.
Hahaha! You really do have a dark sense of humor!
Angliru said:
Leipheimer gets in a break and is immediately ordered to wait for a struggling Armstrong ultimately resulting in both falling out of overall contention and Kloden as the team's highest placed rider!
As do you!

• How about Leipheimer just actually going for it as soon as Lance falters.
• Agree with Scott, a really muddy P-R would be great to see.

•Now, my biggest wish of all: That the media actually cover the racers doing well at racing, and not focus most of their attention on one racer who isn't performing that well, or even racing at the time but just making noise.