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2010 Wish List

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Mar 18, 2009
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1) I would love, LOVE to see a Giro winner with absolutely no ties at all to any any doping scandal (no Vienna labs, or pre-adolescent hormone levels, etc.). And the same goes for the Vuelta.

2) I would be delighted if someone--anyone--who has not previously won the Tour de France won it in 2010.

3) Tom Boonen wins his 4th Paris-Roubaix, equalling the De Vlaeminck record, and then is videotaped in a sweating pile of strippers, the famed cobble in the middle, cocaine everywhere snorting it off tits, ***, etc., giving the middle finger salute to the camera.
Mar 13, 2009
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1) Andy Schlek wins the Tour
2) Contador doesn't win the Tour
3) Tyler Farrar bests Cavendish in the sprints several times, ok all the time
4) Hincapie wins Roubaix
Sep 8, 2009
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1) All dopers to get caught and banned. Potential dopers to remember the damage they are doing to the sport and the loss of sponors/teams caused by doping.
2) Peter Kennaugh to show some of the potential he has to be a great rider.
3) Someone to challenge Cav in sprints definitely.
4) Someone other than Contador or Armstrong winning the Tour.
1) Martin, Gesink, Nibali, and Kreuziger to fulfil there potential.

2) Some of the young brits to come through and do well with sky

3) Someone to actually drop Contador in the mountains at the tour (otherwise the tour will be fairly dull for the foreseeable future)
May 5, 2009
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Nice thread! Thanks!

My wishes:

1. Armstrong works for Kloden or Leipheimer at the Tour.
2. Armstrong tweets an apology and expresses admiration for Contador
3. A Tour that is decided by seconds where Contador is not dominant, Vino rides his heart out, Basso contends, Valverde is impressive, Samuel Sanchez has everybody on the edge with his constant attacks and Wiggins is a threat from beginning to end!
Jul 30, 2009
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Cav to win the Worlds
Wiggins on the Tour podium
A Schleck to massively improve his TTing and give Contador a decent work out in the Tour
Haussler to win a big Classic (or Worlds if Cav doesnt make the selection)
Sastre to win the Giro
May 7, 2009
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I got greedy

1) Garmin to win a stage in all (or any) grand tours
2) Vandevelde to podium in TDF
3) UCI re-organized, Pat gone from UCI & IOC (yeah right)
4) The French to follow-through with charges against former and current Astana riders with DNA associated with blood transfusion/infusion equipment
5) Lance re-retires after TDF (and not placing in top 10) and actually raises and donates $$ for cancer victims, not publicity
6) Contador busted, thus confirming the pattern of formal JB riders getting caught.
7) Menchov’s Austria connection exposed.
8) Rock Racing goes away
9) Tour Stage sprint win for Farrar
10) Zabriskie wins TDF time trial
11) Levi leaves LA behind on TOC climbs.
12) Weins beats LA in Leadville 100
13) Lemond prevails over Trek
14) Betsy Andreau & others collaborate to write tell-all book
15) Ullrich corroborates……
16) Ricco & Vino busted and banned for life
17) the Giro stays in Italy or Europe (does not start in USA)
18) Amgen TOC is successful, but decides to move to August in 2011
19) Wiggins and Cavendish discover humility
20) the sport moves forward into a clean(er) future
Dec 14, 2009
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1. Robbie Mcewen to win around 10 races
2. Brad "back stabber" Wiggins tanks in the tour or any GT
3. Andy Schleck to win a GT
4. Cadel and BMC to do well and get into the tour
Mar 13, 2009
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Great wishes, 2 new ones.

1. New big money teams to stay in the game and develop up and coming riders.
2. Someone anyone banned under the bio passport only, ie no positive test just wierd values and they're gone.
Jun 16, 2009
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Seeing some trends here...

- Hincapie to win Roubaix
- A close tour de france with contador not winning easily if he's going to win.
- Evans to win A GT or have success at BMC
- Armstrong to break a leg(joke)... to not win anything and to falter at the tour big time. I hope he bonks seriously bad and a guy like Kirsipuu beats him in every mountain stage.
May 5, 2009
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Three more!

Just to make things interesting:

1. Petacchi and McEwen make life very hard for Cavendish
2. Contador bonks on a major stage in the Tour, forcing him to try to pull off a move reminiscent of Floyd Landis.
3. Ricco returns to the Tour de France and lights up a couple of mountain stages.


Johnalex13 said:
armstrong to win tour, then get busted for doping :)
I would like to see the new Bahati team to do well...

Does that mean something different where you live than where I do?
Mar 14, 2009
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auscyclefan94 said:
I thought that we could do with a wish list of what we want to happen in the world of cycling in 2010 not what we predict...
You have 4 wishes each...

In the world of cycling? Since I'm a part of the world of cycling I wish:

1: I wish I could be on the RadioShaq team
2. I wish I could ride the TDF as a part of team RadioShaq
3. I wish I could drop Contador and everyone else on every climb
4. I wish I could win TDF

May I have a 5th wish?

5. I wish team BMC (and C Evans especially) would NOT get invited to ride TDF. We dont need those cry babies taking spots from other exciting teams