2011 Vuelta a Espana Stage 18: Solares - Noja 174,6 km

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Jun 22, 2009
auscyclefan94 said:
See y'all later. If Kohler wins today a thread will be made to choose an avatar for me for the rest of the year.
how about we just say I can stop this silliness of evans avatars :D
Aug 2, 2010
Spaniard said:
It depends on the language , for example javascript :D

I didn't expect geek guys here by the way, hehe.
cycling is for high-educated people or people with many years of experience in any subject, it isn't for bieber fans or those Australian kids that like cycling because they prefer Cadel's cycling journey to Naruto or One piece.

The ones that don't fill the mentioned requirements can't enjoy this sport :)

I'm studying mechanical engineering but everyone knows that to understand cycling you need to understand programming languages-- since 16\17 year old australian kids can't do that, we quickly discover them and stop taking them seriously :) lol

this conversation is awesome!!

let's step up a little...

maybe i should upload some modules first? :) anyway, it is likely that instead of funny posts we are going to read "***edited my mod***" for 5pages.
Aug 2, 2010
Timmy-loves-Rabo said:
someone don't like aussies.
lol i like aussies. especially female ones with tight yellow bras and green panties.
you know who's the aussie i was talking about.

anyway, this was fun but it's better stop. you know the mods.

My problem with this years vuelta is that it will be considered even more less important than the tour, which is bad. Froome??
luckyboy said:
Who's in the break that could take the mountains jersey? ITV4 guy just said it was possible :(

oh Montaguti, sucks
Why does it suck? I mean, I like Moncoutie, but it would be nice to see someone win it for whom it would be a really big deal. And Moncoutie will probably win it in the end anyway, while even a couple more days in it would matter to Montaguti.
Apr 10, 2011
Moncoutie defends KoM for another day. Thanks to Sijmens.

Cat.3 Puerto de la Braguía 56.2 km
1 Montaguti (ALM) 3
2 Sijmens (COF) 2
3 De Greef (OLO) 1

Cat.2 Alto del Caracol 75.1 km
1 Sijmens (COF) 5
2 Montaguti (ALM) 3
3 De Greef (OLO) 1

Cat.1 Puerto de Alisas 121.4 km
1 Sijmens (COF) 10
2 Montaguti (ALM) 6
3 Paulinho (RSH) 4
4 Joa. Rodríguez (KAT) 2
5 F. Gavazzi (LAM) 1

Two Cat.3 Climbs to go.
Jun 8, 2011
Poels needs to get up to Roche ASAP. They will have no chance of staying ahead of the group if they won't ride together.
Jul 8, 2010
Now Poels goes, and the end of the day he takes the red by 10 minutes. No Cobo, no Froome, just Poels.