2013 Giro d'Italia, Stage 6: Mola Di Bari - Margherita Di Savoia

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saneguy said:
Everyone is back. Skybord at the front again with Wiggins. One of the sky riders was in the main bunch during the crash. Probably Henao. Couldnt quite make out. But the front group never attacked or made things difficult for Skyborg. They simply let them join back without any trouble at all..
It wasn't just Sky behind anyway, it was literally half the peloton, probably most teams had someone back there they wanted to wait for.
T-Nielsen said:
Sky created the crash as they attacked and they knew it but why let facts get in way of the skyshippers. ;)
Skyshippers? its like being back in primary school :eek:

We will have to agree to disagree on this matter. Attacking in crosswinds to put pressure on others is all part of the game.

Had Wiggo lost time today it would have been bad luck, I didn't expect others to wait but as over 100 riders were involved its totally different.