2013 Tour de France, Stage 2: Bastia - Ajaccio 156Km

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Mar 13, 2009
pastronef said:
Johan Bruyneel @JohanBruyneel 18h
So happy 2 c @Jan_Bakelants in yellow. After all the bad luck, the hard work and the sacrifices, he deserves this like no other.
Lol that is one endorsement that he probably could have done without! :D

Let's not forget that it was Bruyneel who signed him in the first place, so this win is really all his merit... :rolleyes:
Aug 3, 2012
gustienordic said:
I'm curious why Coppel & Taarmae both lost a big chunk of time today. Taarmae has been having a bad year so far, so maybe a lack of form? His climbing has seemed to go downhill, and Coppel should have been able to handle the climbs quite a bit better...
According to L'Equipe, both are injured after the crash on the first day. Coppel has a bruised chest and thigh, Taaramae has several stitches in his arm. They're looking out for Navarro only from now on.
Jul 3, 2012
Dazed and Confused said:
lol, the only thing those two have in common is how awkward they look on a bike.
TBH, if you're a grand tour GC contending rider, one of the following 2 things is true:

1. You look awkward on a bike; OR
2. You are a Spaniard.
Christian said:
Lol that is one endorsement that he probably could have done without! :D
don't think so, riders don't have those kind of problems. it's us, fans, who always say who's good and who's evil.
maybe they are friends, they are belgian, they worked together, so I think Jan will accept Johan good wishes gladly