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2013 Tour of Romandie, Stage 4:Marly - Les Diablerets 188.5 Km

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May 28, 2012
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nesocip said:
Ok, http://www.cqranking.com/men/asp/gen/race.asp?raceid=15261

Thats Mendrisio U23 world champs. Look at some guys who did well earlier and after at tough course u23 champs and see their careers later on.

There are no better indicators of someone's talent than Avenir and U23 champs.

Anyways, RHRH summed it up nicely, cant argue with people who consider anyone non-colombian without talent.

But in this case, the only real top talent I see up there is Betancur.

Talent is the extent to which you can perform in cycling's biggest races, GT's+classic stage races and big one day races. Whether you can peform there, is only revealed when you become pro. But one thing's for certain, you still have to become a lot better during your first pro years, compared to the level you had at the U23 races. If you can do that, you're a real talent.

And in Sicards case, he was more developed, meaning he was already close to his peak when he won those U23 races. He hasn't shown any progression, so he wasn't that talented.
Dec 27, 2010
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Pippo_San said:
More like a traffic...cone rather than a signal :D

Anyway if U23 ranks mean something, EBH should've already won everything.

Guess what? :D

And Popovych should have already won three Roubaixs.
nesocip said:
1. SICARD Romain ORB 30h33'41"
2. VAN GARDEREN Tejay RB3 01"

5. KREDER Michel RB3 01'24"

7. STETINA Peter - 01'32"

10. VALLS FERRI Rafael VMC 01'57"

12. GALLOPIN Tony AUB 02'04"

14. ATAPUMA HURTADO John Darwin 02'29"

1. [COL] QUINTANA ROJAS Nairo Alexander CEP 26h49'21"
2. [USA] TALANSKY Andrew - 01'44"
3. [COL] PANTANO GOMEZ Jarlinson CEP 01'55"
4. [NED] SLAGTER Tom-Jelte RB3 02'05"
5. [ESP] LANDA MEANA Mikel ORB 03'17"
6. [FRA] BARDET Romain - 03'59"
7. [FRA] BONNIN Thomas ALM 04'05"
8. [AUS] MATTHEWS Michael JAS 04'10"
9. [COL] ATAPUMA HURTADO John Darwin CEP 04'14"
10. [NED] KELDERMAN Wilco RB3 04'14"
Froome didn't gift it in the sense that he didn't empty the tank in the sprint. He "gifted" it in the sense that he did a long pull leading into 300m to go or wherever it was Spilak started sprinting from. I wouldn't call it a gift, just contrasting goals.