2014 Ronde van Belgian? (Baloise Belgium Tour), May 28 - June 1, 2.HC

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Apr 12, 2009
Indeed it was. Boonen could have controled and give Steegmans the win, but it seems he didn't want to take that risk...
So how much time can Tony Martin put into his rivals (whoever they may be) in 16.7 kilometers? He's lying at 20 seconds back on the GC, but of the eight men at 19 seconds or less, none of the names really jump out as seeking to take advantage of their small cushion. Terpstra maybe? Can he ride a good time trial? I see that he was fifth on a short TT in Qatar back in February for whatever that's worth.
Panzerwagen strikes of course:

TT result:

1 MARTIN Tony GER OPQ 0:19:43
2 DUMOULIN Tom NED GIA 0:00:16
3 CHAVANEL Sylvain FRA IAM 0:00:26
4 DILLIER Silvan SUI BMC 0:00:44
5 BRANDLE Matthias AUT IAM 0:00:47
6 GILBERT Philippe BEL BMC 0:00:48
7 LEMOINE Cyril FRA COF 0:00:51
8 OVECHKIN Artem RUS RVL 0:00:51
9 HAGA Chad USA GIA 0:00:53

But lets see what IAM and BMC can do with a couple of guys up there.

Dillier firmly beaten but up there.

Edit: ah I see Dillier lost time on an earlier stage. Too bad.
Apr 30, 2014
Or Tony Martin is not as strong as last year. :p
Or just a combination of both. Anyhow, Tony will win it. Question is who wins the last two stages. Anyone of OPQS?
Sep 20, 2011
Geraint Too Fast said:
Yes, I think he even would've been faster than Gilbert if he hadn't been hold off. This kid is amazing, he should give up cyclo cross asap.
classicomano said:
Yes. He should stick to the road, no glory to be had in cyclo cross.
I guess you don't know what cyclocross is ...

Keep on crossing, Mathieu. You'll never find a better sphere than in cross. This countryside, these prairies, ain't it beautiful? Looking forward to seeing him next Autumn, around Overijse or Namur ! :)
Anyone knows what happened to Lagutin. Listed as DNF in CQ but this strange thing at Procyclingstats:

DNQ Lagutin SergeyRusVelo4:16:11 (same time as winner).

I have him as a unique pick in the CQ game and expected him to pick up some points in the GC:confused:
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