2014 Tour de France, Stage 16: Carcassonne–Bagnères-de-Luchon (237.5 Km)

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Nov 29, 2010
Bernie's eyesore said:
You saw Zubeldia? What does he look like?
He should really try to break away early on in the stage, I reckon he could get 20 minutes ahead (and win the tour!) before anyone realises he's gone. None of the DS's would know to get their teams to ride since as far as we know Haimar doesn't appear on the TV cameras.

15 years he's been at this, I like him more every year :D
jens_attacks said:
thibaut finally proves why he was and is considered such a talent of climbing. with vincenzo who seem to tire, i definitely think pinot can win tomorrow and drop everyone. the guy is class
I agree he's a genuine talent. Tomorrow's stage brings succession of climbs different in character from those in the Alps he likes better.We'll see how he'll negotiate them.
I think he'll follow and try to save energy for the Tourmalet - Hautacam.
Dekker_Tifosi said:
Konig was really good today. Especially in that descend. All alone closing a gap on that group while Movistar was riding... impressive.
Kokoso said:
I think there was smaller gap on the top than you think. Agree, impressive descending.
Dekker_Tifosi said:
No. Ten Dam said in a post race interview he was with Konig and Zubeldia at the top. And he knew they were a minute behind. Race reported that also.
So König closed a minute.

Ten Dam said he was screwed when Zubeldia punctured on a rock in the descend. Ten Dam had to brake, König was away and had cars and motors in front. Ten Dam had nothing in front anymore so had to brake on feeling rather then the lights of motards/cars (which he usually does) ;)
Kokoso said:
No, he was 30 or 40 seconds behind on the top.


@LeopoldKonig Any idea when or with whom did you reach the summit of Port de Bales?



@ammattipyoraily Ten Dam, Zubeldia 20-30 sec behind #MaillotjauneLCL
Jan 3, 2011
This is epic:

“I knew Tommy Voeckler (Europcar) would be hard to beat. I tried a few times to drop him on the climb, but I couldn’t,” Rogers said at the finish. “I knew I had to outwit them in the final. Voeckler had a teammate behind, and he started playing that game, but I wouldn’t have it. I said, ‘Listen, don’t play with me, you’re not going to beat me today, there’s no way.’

Read more at http://velonews.competitor.com/2014/07/news/rogers-makes-two-tinkoff_337802#Ofmkxs13DcfI2dcV.99