2015 Dauphiné, stage 6: S-B-en-C > Villard-de-Lans 183km

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People are reading too much into how people ride now, in terms of the Tour. None of the Tour favorites go deep throughout this race, as it will cost them the Tour.

That being said..... where are all the Nibali haters from yesterdays thread? :D

Costa is well suited for a medium mountain stage like today. - Which is why he is always a favorite for the smaller tours.... but in the big Tour mountains, he usually can't sit with the best.
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LaFlorecita said:
Broccolidwarf said:
That being said..... where are all the Nibali haters from yesterdays thread? :D
Those weren't haters. Those were disappointed fans. Obviously they don't have much to complain about today.
Yeah most people were angry at him because he didn't really appear to be trying. I know people ride this as a training ride but they should at least try to look like they care. Yesterday Nibali didn't and it just looks bad. Slow down or whatever but don't pull off to the side making a big deal and acting like a d**k.

jmdirt said:
Nice ride by Rui, Vincenzo, Alejandro, and Tony!

I would like to see this at the TdF to keep things lively. Every year I hope for 10 guys battling at the front, but maybe this year it will actually happen! :D
It actually looks like we can have a really great Tour on our hands! Just hope none crashes during the first week.

Escarabajo said:
what happened to MEINTJES Louis?
He was actually doing great and all of a sudden a collapse.
I suppose it's understandable given his age, it also seems from riders comments afterwards that today was a real brutal stage and he isn't the only one to be up and down with his form.
Jul 1, 2013
Good ride by Nibali today. Typical riding from him on a typical Nibali day. He's a great racer, and easily bests Froome et al tacticly on a day like today. Unfortunately timmorow and Sunday he will probably be back to shrugging his shoulders.

Stupid to let him get up the road. Talk about make life difficult for yourself !