2015 Dauphiné, stage 6: S-B-en-C > Villard-de-Lans 183km

Transitional stage after a great show from Bardet and a chihuahua being unleashed.

Km 20.0 - Rampe du Motty 2.3 kilometre-long climb at 8.3% - category 3
Km 28.5 - Côte du Barrage du Sautet 2.2 kilometre-long climb at 4.4% - category 3
Km 67.5 - Col de la Croix-Haute 5.6 kilometre-long climb at 5.9% - category 2
Km 75.0 - Col de Grimone 4.1 kilometre-long climb at 6.1% - category 3
Km 132.0 - Col du Rousset 13.8 kilometre-long climb at 5.4% - category 1
Km 183.0 - VILLARD-DE-LANS CÔTE 2000 2.2 kilometre-long climb at 6.2% - category 3

Dazed and Confused said:
Very promising stage, but the current peloton might turn this into an uphill sprint.
Yep. Guys like Bala or Faria da Costa, who lost plenty of time today, could try something on Rousset, but then again they are not the riders for that. Perhaps Nibali could have some initiative and drag those two with him. This could have Courchevel writen all over it.

ps: dream on Arredondo. Your boy está acabado. :p
Mar 13, 2009
johnymax said:
Tony Gallopin with some Paris-Nice magic. One can hope.
Not sure what his form is, but he was dropped rather late on the final climb today, so it shouldn't be too bad
Dan Martin. He was already improving in Romandie and seems to be getting better. And from what I've heard, he's had altitude training.

Both Purito and Valverde look overweight and look out of shape. Don't think they will be a factor, but you never know.
Back in the days, Scarponi used to have a really nice kick. But we really haven't seen that Scarponi in a very long time. Maybe he is allowed to go for a stage win without having to babysit Nibali like he did yesterday. This is the best I've seen him in years.