2015 tour de france stage 3, Antwerpen-Hoei 159.5km

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Tony Martin said that his team asked the commissars about that. They double checked and the difference between Rodriguez' rear wheel and Froome's front wheel was .93 of a second. It hs to be a full second to make a time difference.
Aug 26, 2014
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London Hibs said:
deValtos said:
London Hibs said:
I'm not sure how the judges decided that Froome had the same time as Purito. There was clearly over a second between them when they crossed the line.


It's close but it looks like Froome just makes it.
Lets agree to differ - that looked over a sec to me...

...if I can remember what secs was :p
There was an aerial shot I saw - looked a second to me, I must say. I do feel for Martin. Denied by a tyre width and now by what by the most favourable interpretation cannot be much more.
Jun 6, 2015

Susan Westemeyer said:
Tony Martin said that his team asked the commissars about that. They double checked and the difference between Rodriguez' rear wheel and Froome's front wheel was .93 of a second. It hs to be a full second to make a time difference.
I'll take your word for it, Susan. It simply didn't look that way to my eye.
Apr 11, 2011
Jun 15, 2009

Devilen said:
scary thought ... imagine that crash before everyone was forced to wear helmets....
Same (unfortunately bad) results....



"The Swiss "Working Group on Accident Mechanics" has conducted a crash test with ski helmets: "Experimental determination of biomechanical loads at skiers-collisions". Here a skier took 30 or 50 km / h on a standing skier.
Ski helmets are constructed similar to bicycle helmets. The study was initiated and funded by the Swiss Accident Insurance Fund Suva. Suva operates in Switzerland to an appreciable extent helmet advertising. In the study, says, "It could be shown that already at a collision speed of 30 km / h, despite wearing a helmet is a considerable risk of injury to head injuries." "Currently specified in standards of automotive safety criteria be exceeded under these loads."
A helmet protects, if at all, so just in case of accidents at low speed."

original german text:

"Die Schweizerische "Arbeitsgruppe für Unfallmechanik" hat einen Crashtest mit Skihelmen durchgeführt: "Experimentelle Bestimmung biomechanischer Belastungen bei Skifahrer-Kollisionen". Dabei fuhr ein Skifahrer mit 30 bzw. 50 km/h auf einen stehenden Skifahrer auf.
Skihelme sind ähnlich wie Fahrradhelme konstruiert. Die Studie wurde von der Schweizerischen Unfallversicherungsanstalt Suva initiiert und finanziert. Die Suva betreibt in der Schweiz in beträchtlichem Umfang Helmwerbung. In der Studie heißt es: "Es konnte gezeigt werden, dass bereits bei einer Kollisionsgeschwindigkeit von 30 km/h trotz Tragen eines Helms ein erhebliches Verletzungsrisiko für Kopfverletzungen besteht." "Derzeit in Normen der Automobilsicherheit festgelegte Kriterien werden bei diesen Belastungen überschritten."
Ein Helm schützt, wenn überhaupt, also nur bei Unfällen mit geringer Geschwindigkeit."
Jul 6, 2015
Man, as much as we admire these guys for being total bad asses, part of me worries that the continue at all costs culture of cycling is going too far sometimes. Cancellara riding with a broken back, TenDam with a dislocated shoulder, contador with a broken ankle last year, Horner with a concussion so bad he didn't know where he was a few years before.. sooner or later something really bad is going to happen because a rider didn't have the sense to stop.
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blackmamba said:
at one point froome was riding zig-zag almost causing havoc in the entire peleton with his brilliant style I almost fell on the floor for laughing so hard:p haha
I doubt you were laughing. More likely salty than anything
Allthough op post is lame and childish, froome really went a bit nuts there. Almost causing crashes. Pushing bakelandts away. Then he also pushed Gallopin away on Huy.
He's not making friends. That could be bad, but then again Froome being assertive is kind of good for him, but also kind of awkward.
I felt bad for Bardet i think it was him, when Froome was in love with his stem and rode into him at the Cherave and almost punched him afterwards. No way he gets over the cobbles tomorrow
Looked to me like the AG2R rider swerved into Froome, who had a couple of words after dodging him
Feb 20, 2010
Who took down Bonnet?

From the replay, it looks like a rider passes Bonnet on the outside and cuts in too soon, hitting Bonnet's handlebars with his hip. At the 1:30 mark in this video, he's just to the right and behind Bonnet, while at the 1:33 mark Bonnet is already on his way to the ground:


Bonehead move, whoever that was. I wish they'd DQ riders for things like this so races would be settled by racing instead of crashing.