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2015 Tour de France Stage 8: Rennes-Mur de Bretagne, 181.5km

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Velolover2 said:
How is Nibali going to be beat Tejay? :p He has proved that he is better this year.

If Tejay is able hang on to Froome, he can hang on to Nibali easily.

Yeah bookies think the same so I am going to put quite enough money to Nibali better then TJ in tour because it is quite sure bet, but I still need wait after TTT where BMC should be better then Astana, then bets will be ideal and money will be safe, TJ have only small chance to beat Nibali in real mountains tuesday you will see
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AICA ribonucleotide said:
Dekker_Tifosi said:
AICA ribonucleotide said:
Said on Eurosport that he was boxed in when Vuillermoz attacked and couldnt follow. This is why he needed a teammate at the end. Instead they had Talansky in the group behind and the rest of the team sitting up saving themselves for tomorrow because Vaughters has a hard on for TTT.
Are you kidding me? The rest of the Cannondale team rode their balls out to keep the gap to the front group reduced. Did you miss the complete last 70km or something?

Someone was always gonna chase. They were the idiots that stuck their heads out into the wind. They were never gonna stay away.

Even the most doomed of breaks can survive if everyone takes the view that it's someone else's responsibility to chase. Ultimately, someone has to take responsibility and Cannondale were a lock on to win the stage with Martin.
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Gigs_98 said:
Zinoviev Letter said:
franic said:
Classic Dan Martin today. He was in 8th position, about 15-20 m behind, when Vuillermoz attacked.

Yes. It's weird: On this sort of final wall, where the whole field arrives together, he starts his charge from too far back, time after time. But put him in a small selection two km from the end of a race with a different sort of finish and he's one of the smartest tactical riders.
I think he doesn't become smarter, it just suits his riding style better because the tactic in a 5 men group isn't as important as the tactic in a 30 men group.

Well, it's not a tactical decision to sit far back when approaching a climb, he is just really bad at fighting for positions.