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2015 Vuelta stage 9: Torrevieja > Cumbre del Sol 168.3km

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Angliru said:
BigMac said:
PremierAndrew said:
Põhja Konn said:
TMP402 said:
Wow people happy Froome lost after that perfomance.

Getting greedy, do we! :) Leaving everything else aside, the way he completely ignored the flow of the race early on the climb only to come back later and sprint past everybody on the steep ramps in the last km, is the textbook example of powermeter-based racing, which has even more haters here than Froome and Sky themselves.

Nothing can possibly have more haters than Froome and Sky on this forum :p

Objection. Levi Leipheimer.

I think I dislike Universal Sports even more than Levi for promoting his grand fondo while at the same time employing those to jagoffs Schlanger and Gogolski who shamelessly defamed Quintana on air immediately after his performance in hilly time trial a couple of years ago. Levi's advertised as this great champion. Quintana never received an apology from these two pantywaists nor from Universal Sports.

Sky and Froome are next on my list of least favorite parts of cycling. Levi's up there though.

I also am sick and tired of the constantly repeated Levi fondo commercial and the 'one of the greatest American cyclists' description of him. I use the mute button :).
Aug 16, 2013
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No_Balls said:
Arredondo said:
No_Balls said:
Arredondo said:
So at the moment, you have to say Dumoulin can win this Vuelta! WTF!!!

Froome now suddently big candidate too, with Quintana. Nairo looks really solid too.

Bala just not that good. I said it a couple of times already this Vuelta. He will not win this race. Podium will be difficult too.

I hope Purito can still win a stage. Legs are good, but today just two guys who where a bit better. Top-5 however will be difficult. Froome, Majka, Aru, Quintana and maybe Dumoulin will finish ahead of him.

So Quintana, who barely managed to beat Valverde (they have him although wrong on the same time) who also lost ground is now suddenly a big favorite for the overall while Valverde will have difficult to even podium?

You are a utter joke and i doesnt do your boy Purito any favors.

You are a utter joke. Or just really frustrating person in life. I'm sorry for you.

Bala just didn't grab many boni's on the finishes he likes. And he's just a class below Quintana in the real mountain stages. If Quintana is in shape, which he is, he can win multiple minutes on Bala in Andorra/Ermita stage. For the moment, he's just as good as Valverde on finishes which suits Valverde.

And Froome is also a better GC contender. And Aru, Majka are looking solid and are fresher. So of course Bala will have difficulty finish on the podium.

One of the most stupid post i have ever seen. Without any arguments either :eek:

From a guy who in Puritos decline felt he had to turn his attention to degrading Valverdes legacy i take this as a compliment. You just deserved to hear the truth and dont blame it on me. Blame the universe.

Just imagine if it was Purito who was involved in a crash and needed X-ray afterwards you would be the first person spamming, crying and reminding everyone about it. No such acceptable excuses for Bala ey? For your narrative you had to "elegantly avoid" it so his stage would look bad for his resume.

Quintana didnt yesterday do a shyte better then he previous have shown this Vuelta that either mark him as "a clear overall favorite" or indeed if he would lose it. I´d say it is still a questionmark. But you imagine this also in your hope of having Bala slaving for the guy the rest of the Tour. This unhealthy obsession with Valverde? Have you considered taking medical expertise for it?

Of course you´d figured it was a stupid post. The point was to direct it at you and your pathetic bias.

Are you a narcist or someting like that? Surely you're blind, or you can't read. I said Bala didn't got many boni's/good perfomances on ALL the short uphill finishes we now had. I'm not talking about yesterday (of course the crash did make a impact), but the WHOLE vuelta.

I'm not obsessed with Bala. And you know it. I'm critical sometimes, because a lot of guys go biased about him and losing sight on reality. But i also praised him on occacions.

And i'm not objective about Purito. Of course not. That's not my task as a fan. But i try to be as objective as possible. And please be critical about him and my posts about him. Because the truth lays somewhere in the middle. But the way you are behaving yourself is like a pathetic irritating grumpy old man. Which is a shame really.

Honestly i didn't know you before you went mad at me. I'm not surprised i didn't. No arguments, no addition to the forum. But perhaps you can learn in the future. Then we can discuss about all sort of things on a good level. Looking foward to that ;)

Have a nice day!