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2016 Giro d'Italia : STAGE 3: Nijmegen – Arnhem 190 km

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Jun 22, 2015
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Mayomaniac said:
Jack Bobridge finished 7min down and was pretty bad in the opening ITT, Trek are really stupid for bringing him to the Giro, it's like starting with 8 riders.
The guy is only good in the heat, sucks in cold weather and what are his first races in Europe with Trek? LBL, Romandie and the Giro, that's not exactly smart.
Let the guy ride the Tour of California, it's an important race for Trek and maybe he could actually do something in the heat.

But the last few days were quite warm, 28 degrees not extreme but normally he cant be that bad in that kind of wheather. why is he so unpredictable? That crazy ride during the nationals but since then nothing special, a few top tens during the sun tour, really weird.

I was expecting a lot more from him in the TT, i thought maybe he could do something there and during the last 2 stages he was always at the back of the peloton.