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2016 TdF, Stage 19: Albertville → Mont Blanc (146km)

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Jun 8, 2015
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The Barb said:
Hell of a ride by Bardet. Tomorrows stage on paper suits him even better; wouldn't be surprised if he won again.
:lol: would love it.

and here I was worried about pressure on him to perform
Going to be interesting for the podium tomorrow:

1. Froome
2. Bardet + 04' 11''
3. Quintana + 04' 27''
4. Yates + 04' 36''
5. Porte + 05' 17''

With the others a bit to far behind:

6. Aru + 06' 00''
7. Valverde + 06' 20''
8. Meintjes + 07' 02''
9. Martin + 07' 10''
10. Mollema + 07' 42''
Jul 13, 2016
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:mad: I am going to be very cruel here...Quintana wtf , not even one attack yet you mark everyone elses attack like a Sky super dom. This tour has really put me off Quintana and if he keeps riding future tours hoping for a third week miracle, well then he doesn't deserve to win the MJ!!!

Feel sorry for Valverde in this years tour, he was cost a certain Podium and probably clear second place supporting that wheel sucker.
Sep 18, 2015
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Re: Re:

More Strides than Rides said:
Flat Out said:
Someone should reconsider the * in the Nibbles Tour looking at who's who in this tour and the level displayed by Teams and riders

Someone should look at the calendar and how many days have passed since the Giro.

I was talkin about the Tour he won, which someone here consider a less win because of a weak field...