2016 Tour de France, Stage 20: Megève → Morzine (147km)

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Sep 2, 2010

Ryo Hazuki said:
proves once and for all how overrated nibali's descending is as I've been calling here for years
A lot of the things you've been saying for years have been proven wrong, and it doesn't exactly look like he's trying at all. Plus Olympics
Re: Re:

Mr.White said:
Taxus4a said:
Again nobody want to attack from far, so Froome will win this Tour except crash or something like that...
Froome won this Tour long time ago...
But they didn't even try. Froome crashed yesterday and there was at least a chance he would have a bad day because of injuries. Imagine froome looses a minute or two on the stage and then astana, movi,... have to as thenselves why they made froome a present.
So does Roman making the podium like this save this TDF from being the worst in recent memory? At least 2012 had the funny Wiggo/Froome feud going on. This is dire but for crash-induced drama.