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2016 Tour de France, Stage 21: Chantilly → Paris (113km)

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Re: Re:

Irondan said:
Captain Serious said:
Irondan said:
Kittel abusing the team car....
Yeah, what are rules with this? Surely ya can't win after drafting a car for 10 or 15 mins, right?
You're not supposed to but I don't think he'll get relegated for it.

It doesn't matter anyway, the UCI race jury just make up the rules as they go anyway so I'm sure they would work out a way to make sure Kittel goes unpunished
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loge1884 said:
the ultimate stage has been factically turned to a parade for the riders completing the Tour with the add on of a sprint critérium in the last 50km ... absolutely nothing wrong with it and the spectators love it too .... on TV it doesn't make too much difference either (all you see in a flat stage is a break and one to three sprinter-riden teams doing the chase) ....

That's fine, but do they have to ride at the speed of a 10-year-old girl on a city bike?