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2017 World Championships Hong Kong April 12-16

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Any theories as to why Callum Skinner and Katey Marchant went back so quickly to being average bike riders at the Hong Kong world champs? I have never seen such huge improvements from track riders like them in Rio let alone the massive drop backs straight after such incredible performances. These two had every reason to go well in Hong Kong.

Shame said:
The next high altitude world cup at Agua should be amazing. Dygert too should break the women's world record.
Prob. won't be announced untio August or so. Junne if we're lucky.
Awang, Pervis, Aus men pursuit and US women pursuit were all so exciting.
The omnium has become very stale without any timed efforts.

The Uci have gotten right away from making the Omnium all about the best all round rider on the track. It's another joke.

With the time the omnium (4 similar bunch races) still takes to run over a full day for both men and women plus the likelihood of introducing the long Madison event for men and women, surely someone with any common sense in the Olympic and UCI system would realise that it would be much better to go back to running individual events like the Scratch Race and KiloTT or IP or Points Races and hand out more Golds (Titles) over the same time period.