2019 Tour de France – Stage 6 – Mulhouse–LPDBF - 157 km

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I wonder if one of the GC teams will set a hard pace up the first climb, to test how deep the other teams are in the mountains.

Might be wishful thinking, but it would also be valuable information at little cost :)

Chances are though, that we will see all the GC teams ride the stage conservatively, and many with a guy in the early break to avoid responsibility, so that we see the usual Ineos train for hours, keeping a steady pace that around 60 riders can keep up with.

staubsauger said:
If Fuglsang is feeling any good I would actually expect Astana to drill it on Cheveres just to derail Ineos plans!
Somebody should do it - just to see what Ineos is keeping. Theo should team up with Movistar and AG2R - people out in the break and then push hard and early to see what happens.
That should set pressure on Thomas and Bernal and they would have to race, instead of just following the spreadsheet they know.
Fuglsang have been attacking more this year and Astana have looked strong. Bardet need to gain time and what about Valverde/Nibali.

AS always hopeful - but they often disappoint.

staubsauger said:
If Fuglsang is feeling any good I would actually expect Astana to drill it on Chevreres just to derail Ineos plans!
It has certainly been their riding style all year, to attack the stages aggressively.

Whether they are brave enough to do that, on the first big mountain of the Tour, when Fuglsang has historically struggled on the first big mountain stage and is still feeling the crash, is another matter.

I hope you are right, but I think they will ride this one defensively.

I even think he may lose a little time today, because his form is timed for week 3 this year.
The reason why Fuglsang tend to struggle on the first big mountain test is because it's often a high cadence MTF with no steep mountains before the final climb. Fuglsang is not a power climber, he is made for the likes of Zoncolan and Angliru.

Today's stage is much better for him. There is even a tough murito before La Planche des Belles Filles.
Sep 28, 2014
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Singer01 said:
tobydawq said:
Singer01 said:
4 pages of posts the morning before the race, there are going to be some very sad and disappointed people on this board later today.

This stage is too tough to not give plenty of answers. The winning attack may not be put in before the last kilometre, but there should be plenty worth to watch before that.
Partially its because there seems to be a strong inverse correlation between excitement and action on this board.
Secondly its wishful thinking, as I have to leave work around the time they hit Col de Chevreres and i'll be underground with no way to watch the last hour or so.
No bar close to your workplace with a television around? If applicable you could tell your partner you had an affair with a co-worker as an excuse why you are so late at home ;-)