2019 Tour de France, La Course & stage 13: Paauuu...

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Amazinmets87 said:
Pharazon said:
Amazinmets87 said:
Sestriere said:
Amazinmets87 said:
Anyone have the comprehensive updates? Had something similar for the team trial
Is this what you are looking for?
Nice quite but looks good! Thank you
or try

Yup that's it! But unavailable for now
it's back..

it gets it's data from the tour website which was having a minor hissy fit and not updating either
For an exciting tour we can only pray that somehow Thomas will pay for his overweight winter.

Doubt it though.

Thomas 1s slower than crushweak at first intermediate, so that probably means he wont take minutes which is nice!

Cinemaniak said:
So what happens to Van Aert? If he's physically able to continue tomorrow, does he get some kind of standard time?
He didn't finish the stage, he's literally DNF.

And in any case, clearly in no shape to continue anyway even if he did get a time for today.