2019 Tour de France, La Course & stage 13: Paauuu...

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Alaphillippe 35:00
Thomas 35:14
Uran 35:36
Porte 35:45
Kruijswijk 35:45
Pinot 35:49
Mas 35:58
Fuglsang 36:07
Valverde 36:11
Buchmann 36:19
Bernal 36:36
Landa 36:45
Konrad 36:48
Quintana 36:51
Martin 37:06
Yates 37:08
Bardet 37:26

Cinemaniak said:
I see another 'Rasmussen'-story developing this Tour. The guy who also wasn't considered to be in the race for yellow
Except for one major detail; Alaphilippe can stay upright on a TT bike...

Also, btw:

RedheadDane said:
Broccolidwarf said:
Danskebjerge said:
I'm not sure it was wise by DQ to make Asgreen work so much in the previous stages - it may cost them a stage win today ..?
Keeping yellow is more important any day :)
Yeah, I was about to say that. They got two stage wins, and several days in yellow; I think they'll manage