2019 Tour de France, stage 11: Albi > Toulouse 167km

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Nikias Arndt will be the last leadout man for Bol btw. That's what the team said at least (Kragh - Matthews - Arndt - Bol is the order they want to go for)
It will be interesting to see how Bol does. He has probably been the most successful “minor” or “up and coming” sprinter recently, so he deserves a shot against the big boys. It’s not as if Matthews has a chance in a real bunch sprint.
definitely. Bahrain may also go for Cortina instead of Colbrelli by the way (to whom applies the same, basically)
Colbrelli is sprinting really really well in that Tour. Doubt Cortina could have done the same.
Why are we no longer seeing attacks from the peloton on the final 2-3 kilometers? In the 1990's, the flat stages always had a potential element of entertainment with guys like Ekimov and Skibby trying to surprise the bunch. Now, it's mainly the danger of crashes that makes things "interesting".