2019 Tour de France, stage 11: Albi > Toulouse 167km

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Ewan looks really fast in this Tour. I was surprised he won when he didn't jump on Groenewegen right away and left a little more of a gap to close than he should have. And after that late crash. Impressive.
Are Tour sprint stages this year and for the next several years of any value in term of stars quality of the protagonists? Regardless of the actual racing excitement, it feels so 'unimportant' as a show on its own, except for determining which GC contenders lose time in it.
What was Sunweb doing? I mean, Matthews showed that he lacks speed this year. But the 8th place from Bol would have certainly been possible. And he was 2nd in the Points Classification and neither won points in the intermediate sprint nor the final sprint today. Seems like a waste of opportunity. Sagan can always get ill/crash out...
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That's three times this season that Ewan has come from behind Groenewegen in a sprint finish - Twice Groenewegen just held on andthis time Ewan nailed it.
The previous time the margin was about the same but in Groenewegen's favour.
Ewan nearly nailed Groenewegen in Paris Nice - Think that Groenewegen is a touch off this TDF.
Matthew seemed to imply the team did notwant him to go for green jersey and do a stage win instead ???

That is insane ....only half way through and Sagan could not make it over the mountains....quite frankly Sagan looks like he couldnt care less

Sunweb didnt want any of their riders to go for GC or Green

Problem with stages that unless you are the top sprinter or TTer none are locked down
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Didn't see the stage - is the GC unchanged?
Ciccone lost big time from a crash. The rest of GC the same.
Polka dot time. Wonder who's done Giro-Tour best climber, same year
He did not look good after the crash.
He kept looking down but I didn't see any wounds on his legs maybe he banged his knee ?