2019 Tour de France, stage 2: Bruxelles - Brussel 27,6 km TT

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Jagartrott said:
sir fly said:
Ineos will shoot off all our marks (mostly mine), but we'll see about the rest of the teams.
Mostly yours I think, because the organizers thought they could possibly beat 58 km/h this TTT. Is not going to happen. Couple of hilly bits that really hurt + some headwind in the second part.
Still inside percents of 55 though, and it's not the average score of all teams.

TourOfSardinia said:
No that was Wout Poels:
Moscon was well surprised when the guy from the RAI told him if Ineos win today
he'll be in yellow.
The Danish commentators will also be surprised as they declared Bernal the virtual yellow... :rolleyes:

How hard is it to read the rules?