2019 Tour de Suisse

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Great TT by Bernal -- a reminder that he is more than a decent time-trialer in addition to being a very strong climber. Unlike some of the pure climber GC hopefuls for grand tours, Bernal does not have a time-trialing Achilles heel.

Rollthedice said:
Apart from the curious case of Tom Dumoulin, that fine balance between TT smasher and world class climber can only be achieved under Sky management. Rohan is quite far.
Yes, he made a good go of it for this stage race, but trying to make it work for 3 weeks would be even more of a daunting task.

luckyboy said:
Bernal-Thomas dynamic at the Tour should be interesting anyway. Can imagine a Froome-Wiggins situation play out unless there are other guys stronger than Thomas... Bernal is clearly the best climber there though.
Makes me think what would've been if Froome hasn't dropped out of contention...
Ineos would've held the keys of Tour ratings.
In parts this ITT had a highly technical parcours and it's there where Bernal took incredible risks to secure his golden jersey!

Bernal certainly owns Brailsford a new pack of underpants after nearly slipping away in that corner. Even Lampaert visibly shrugged.
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Cance > TheRest said:
roundabout said:
Broccolidwarf said:
Tomorrow will be a fight for second place.

Ineos is in complete control.
I agree and yet it feels weird to write that about a team that has Swift, Elissonde and Castroviejo as main climbing help on a stage with 3 HC climbs
Are you suggesting that Bernal should have a weak team here, on paper, or that the competition is just weak?
Both. The 3 mentioned produced a bigger selection than I expected on Sankt Gotthard and I really don't see where a sustained attack on Bernal will come from tomorrow.

But ok, it's a different day and a different nature of the stage tomorrow, so I hope that I am wrong and Bernal would have to work a bit harder.

Red Rick said:
Dennis been working on his climbing too much
And the Yates's have been working on their TT-ing too much :D

Dennis did seem to pay for yesterday's efforts but he's 2nd for [bleep]s sake! Dennis! :surprised:

Bernal did TT well apart from one very dodgy corner and being the best climber here, is rightly in yellow.

roundabout said:
Soler - team given weight 68 kg
Bernal - no weight on the team site, but probably low 60's at a glance (I am the same height as him so it should be a relatively reasonable guess)
Yes, low sixties for Bernal.
I was of the same weight once, so am pretty accurate in the estimate.