2020 Milan-Sanremo - 305k - August 8th

Who will be the winner of Milano Sanremo 2020?

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A monument deserves a proper race thread.

New route.
6 man teams.
1st monument of the Covid-19 era.


Previous Winners

2018 NIBALI Vincenzo
2016 DÉMARE Arnaud
2014 KRISTOFF Alexander
2013 CIOLEK Gerald
2012 GERRANS Simon
2011 GOSS Matthew
2010 FREIRE Óscar
2019 Top 10
  2. NAESEN Oliver
  4. SAGAN Peter
  5. MOHORIČ Matej
  6. VAN AERT Wout
  7. VALVERDE Alejandro
  8. NIBALI Vincenzo
  9. CLARKE Simon
  10. TRENTIN Matteo

As usual, I have no idea what to expect in this one. Been awhile since a big bunch sprint but for some reason I don't expect that this year either
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Mar 23, 2019
Can’t wait for this. Will be the first race I am going to watch on Eurosport live. Hopefully they go back to original route next year as I love the coast road. I hope Sagan can finally win this but as always you just never know with this race. I think Fernando Gaveria and Caleb Ewan could be close.

Milan san remo is the only monument nobody has won three years in a row. Somet
Mar 23, 2019
Does anybody know what chainring and cassette sizes most off the riders use for this?

I know watching old vids some used a 42/52
As I said in the other thread, the new route will have a limited impact on the race dynamics. Nothing ever happens before Cipressa and nothing will this year either.
But it's a 300 km race, with the temperatures well above 30 degrees once again and only 6 riders per team, hence I expect it to be harder to control in the last 30 km.
Attackers have the edge. I'd even say an attack from Cipressa could stick if a group where 4-5 good teams are represented gets away there.

Bettiol and WVA looked in monster form during Strade Bianche, I think they'll try and whoever wants to win must be glued to their wheels.
MvdP and Alaphilippe would be the obvious favorites but I'm not sure they have the shape. Kwiatkowski was better in Trittico Lombardo, not sure he likes the heat though.
If it's a sprint hard to look past Ewan.
A Sagan or Gilbert win would make for a nice story, but I'm skeptical.
I'm very curious to see Formolo in this race. Route certainly doesn't favor him but he's developing a lot as a one day racer, culd be the next one winning a la Nibali.
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There are actually lots of riders I'd be cool with if they won. Sagan and Gilbert in particular though. They really need this race on their palmares.
That said, if neither is succesful I wouldn't be too angry about a Nibali win either
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Agree that Van Aert has to be the favourite after last weekend. He packs some monster form and seems to endure the heat very well. When you are the top favourite and everyone is glued to your wheel it's very difficult to drop everyone on the Poggio and solo home though. And I'm slightly sceptical of his Sprint as of now. There have been mixed performances with winning bunch sprints in the Tour and Dauphiné vs never really coming close to winning a classic in a sprint out of a small group. Anyway, I believe in any scenario, to win the race you have to beat van Aert.
I'm very curious to see Formolo in this race. Route certainly doesn't favor him but he's developing a lot as a one day racer, culd be the next one winning a la Nibali.
For me it's very hard to imagine Formolo winning. Nibali is a better descender and rouleur than him so he could get away under right circumstances. It would be very unusual to see Formolo doing the same- he would need even more leeway to bring it home IMO. I don't think he has the power to finish it off on the flat. He is not winning a small group sprint either, not in this race where he's racing against world's top classics guys.

Bettiol has got it tactically wrong in almost every classic he was/could be a factor in, apart from Flanders last year. I hope he can learn to be more calculating because a lot of the time he does too much pulling in the group while others save energy or he attacks at the wrong time. I would like his results to be matching his physical capabilities more often.
Higher temperature, smaller teams, altered route...
The descent from Nava and following ascent through tunnels might attract someone to join earlier breakaway or try his own luck. But with only six starters I'm not sure how many teams will fancy their chances to risk that much 30 k's from the Poggio after a day in the heat.
However, smaller bunch than usually could tackle Cipressa this time around.