2020 National Championships

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To be honest, title or not, I, and probably Cavagna himself as well, overrated him a tad today. At the second intermediate I thought he would smoke everyone, but in the end he barely gained time on Armirail and Roux, who he already passed after a few minutes.
Did Konychev crash or something? 6 minutes is a lot, especially the weekend before the Europeans. Sobrero on the other very good. Jonathan Milan unfortunately MIA, I was sure he would start here after his U23 title a few weeks ago.
I guess they wanted to keep Milan fresh for the EC u23 TT. Ganna was already ahead of de Marchi at the first time check, that was a climb, the descent and just a bit of flat. Apparently he was climbing really well for an 80kg guy at the Ineos training camp and impressed all the coaches.
No INEOS tomorrow, though I'm not too sure if Basso tested positive himself or whether he was in contact with someone positive.

Edit: Ok, Basso is positive himself.
Leonardo Basso trained alone as Asolo with his girlfriend durning the last 10 day and had a negative test on Tuesday. He only joined the rest of the team at the NC yesterday and only did a recon of the ITT with Ganna on that day and today he trained with the rest of the team before testing positive.
Source: https://www.tuttobiciweb.it/article/2020/08/22/1598111787/leo-basso-ineos-corridori-in-isolamento-moscon-puccio-ganna
Is he just that good, or is he the only U23 rider starting?
We'll see how good he is, but the U23 circuit in Spain is very decent. There's definitely some to be pro's in there, Raul Garcia Pierna, Ivan Cobo (unfortunately not related to Juanjo), Alberto Serrano (Gonzalo's little brother), Juan Martin, Fernando Tercero. Carlos Rodriguez (Ineos) was said to be starting as well, but he might already be in Plouay for the European Championships.
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