2020 Tour Colombia 2.1 - February 11-16

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Maybe this has been addressed in other topic but... How are Edwin Avila and Daniel Turek riding with Israel WT Team when they are registered in the feeder CT team?

I did not know that was allowed...
It's a new rule that was introduced this year. Teams can use one or two riders out of their development set up in races and vice versa. It depends on the status of the race how many (1 or 2 riders) they can use. Jumbo are doing it too with Gijs Leemreize at Provence.
I think in WT events it isn't possible, but at races of the new Pro series teams are allowed one rider per race and below that two riders filling up the ranks. They are also allowed to fill up the ranks of the development teams with pro riders if I remember correctly, same procedure basically. One or two riders depending on the level of the race. One would have to pull out the exact rules to be sure what exactly they state.

Basically the UCI probably markets this as a development tool for teams to give their development team riders some experience, but of course this is also allowing teams like Israel to dump their riders in development outfits and just call them up now and then to fill up where they need someone. Which is the case with poor Avila.
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May 21, 2017
Bernal is on the lead group with 20 seconds lead

Twitter from the organizers.
KM 22

Fuga 5 corredores Egan Bernal (Ineos) Camilo Castiblanco (Illuminate) Oscar Sevilla (Team Medellín) Diego Camargo (Col Tierra de Atletas) Diego Ochoa (EPM Scott) a 20” el pelotón
May 21, 2017
Sebastián Henao (Team Ineos) - Simón Pellaud (Androni) - Félix Barón (Team Illuminate) - Óscar Sevilla (Team Medellín) leading the race with 2:35
Alaphilippe seems to have lost time deliberately.

I feel sorry for Hodeg, he seems like a really nice guy, but just not the best sprinter on earth. Molano looked way stronger and tactically better.
Jungels single-handledly brought a nine rider breakaway back in stage 2, while he again rode at the front of the peleton in stage 3 - Alaphalippe is doing the lead out and swinging off with just over a 1km to go -They both appear to be in excellent shape - The finishing positions are meaningless.
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