2020 World Championships - now confirmed for Imola, Italy.

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About Kämna, according to radsport-news: “Ich habe schon vor der Tour hart trainiert. Deshalb haben das Team und ich beschlossen, dass ich danach eine Pause einlegen werde." ("I already trained hard before the Tour. That's why the team and me decided I am going to take a break afterwards.")

It's surprising to me how this race is not rated highly by everyone. But maybe they are really sure they don't have a shot at winning and don't think a podium spot is worth it. To me it would be. Majka should have been good.
According to Cassani Bagioli is confirmed and training at altitude right now.
All the pre-selections: https://www.uci.org/docs/default-so...ampionships/2020/20200917-imol-me-entries.pdf
Some strange choices indeed, no Yates twins, no Majka, no Vlasov, Ecuador not sending a team at all (lack of money for the federation? All of the riders are pretty much already in Europe), Germany having 90kg Walscheid on the longlist and Eritrea only selecting 3 guys and not Ghirmay when they have 4 spots.
Yes. It has also been a good Tour for him in that regard.

Van Aert must be the number 1 favourite, at least everyone will look at him. Then Fuglsang. Valverde is obviously bronze material. Kwiatkowski, Dumoulin, Roglic and Pogacar can all win, maybe also Nibali and Uran. Who else?
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I think the most tricky thing about this Worlds is that it's the kind of route that literally has no decent comparison on the calendar IMO. It's much harder than LBL without actually having big climbs. Most WCRR circuits are a waiting game for the final one or two hills which can be comparable to a lot of one day races.

Perhaps the best comparison is Strade except more favorable to climbers?
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