Giro d'Italia 2021 Giro d'Italia, Stage 12: Siena – Bagno di Romagna 212 km

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This stage will be more exciting than the previous one

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I did not hear him say that.

What is your problem with Holm BTW? - You always seem to comment negatively on him?
He just annoys me so incredibly much. He always seems to know best and Bay never dares challenge him because he (Holm) is a diva who can't tolerate when people don't agree with all the nonsens he spews 24-7. For example, the other day, Sagan could not be considered a favourite for the stage because he doesn't climb well anymore and it was inconceivable that better sprinters like Gaviria and Nizzolo would be dropped before Sagan so they would be there to beat him in the sprint. Then when he was still at the very front of the peloton at the top of the last climb he was clearly gassed and Gaviria could be considered even more of a favourite than Sagan than before because he had had the wits to fall a little back in the peloton instead of maintaining his position (I wonder how he would have interpreted Sagan losing positions, but I think I know the answer as he has to fit his narrative). Then Sagan easily trounced the others in the sprint but there was no admission of having made a wrong assessment of him.

Also, his dialect sucks (I know that is not really a valid complaint), he often forgets to turn on his mic as if it's such a difficult thing to remember and not important when you're a commentator, and then I can't stand his HVA'?? which apparently has to end every other sentence. Shoe Cardy, Caleb McEwen, Patrick Bevin (with French pronounciation).

But yeah, it's quite a new thing, I haven't always been that much against him but he has really begun grinding my gear. Him being on my least favourite team does not help, either.

In this case though, I agree with RhD that dishonourable was probably not the right choice of words.
After spending 11.9 days doing nothing in the mountains Bora have decided their role is to help Ineos.
The problem is, the more emphasis is placed on placements (er), the easier it will be for big teams to control the front of the race, because they will get help from teams in minor placements like this, because teams would rather protect 5th place from the rider in 7th place than let the leader's team work to defend from the 7th place rider, because they can't risk that rider getting in front of them and falling to 6th place, even if forcing the leader's team to work might isolate the leader and let them gain places.

It's also worth noting that the most disappointing stage of the 2010 Giro (yes, that is a thing) was probably Monte Terminillo, which was something of a phony war despite being the first major MTF. Why was it raced fairly timidly? It was the day after Montalcino, everybody was knackered and the riders who had to gain the time were too exhausted from chasing the previous day from miles out to do so, so it was a fairly quiet race until the last couple of kilometres, and the main climbers then built their goals around the final act of the race, from Zoncolan through to Tonale. And Terminillo offered far more obvious options for gaining time than today's stage (there were lots of ways by which this stage could be used to gain time, but none that were idiot-proof so to speak). The GC boys are fond of taking a day off after a big stage if there's still a bunch of stages to come nowadays, which is where the focus on mountaintop finishes so steep they guarantee gaps, and stages short enough that nobody fears them, came from. There was likely only two outcomes for this stage among the GC bunch: total carnage, or total stalemate.
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