Giro d'Italia 2021 Giro d'Italia, Stage 20: Verbania – Alpe Motta 165 km

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WIll Bernal crack?

  • Yes, on the 1st climb

    Votes: 8 11.4%
  • Yes, on the penultimate climb

    Votes: 7 10.0%
  • Yes, on the final climb

    Votes: 10 14.3%
  • No, he will only lose a small amount of time at the end of the stage

    Votes: 34 48.6%
  • No, he will be able to follow his competitors

    Votes: 5 7.1%
  • No, he will destroy everyone

    Votes: 6 8.6%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .
Very nice win for Caruso. Too bad Bardet couldn't contribute more but he came into the race supposedly not in great condition. Great support in the break from Bilbao. Caruso hasn't had a bad day in the race really while Yates is as unpredictable as ever. Once again the Ineos domestiques did their job and kept the gap down.
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I have.

But I never anticipated myself rooting this hard for Caruso. Feelgood story of this Giro by a mile
I know, you always have favorites and you cheer for them throughout their career.

But Caruso was always under the radar guy, with once in a lifetime opportunity to make the podium, yet he goes for the stage and the pink jersey. I just felt that it was now or never for him, at least he won the stage, and hearts of many fans.
Dizzying hairpins, snowy mountains, changing weather and interesting action by DSM and Bahrain. The stage delivered. Congrats to Caruso on a great victory. Very good performance on the last climb and good timing to escape on a descent. Martinez is another hero, he dropped everyone bar his leader. Bernal, afraid to be dropped too, must have been screaming "tranquilo, tranquilo" on steepest sections. And finally congrats to Bernal on a good stage: he showed no weakness today and finished ahead of Yates and Almeida. The race is almost over: 2 minutes is too much to overcome, if the gap was 1 minute then we could speculate.
Can we have Nibali reaction video to Caruso winning?
No, but here's a nice story told last week by the hero of the day:

"As an amateur, I lived in the same farmhouse where Nibali was staying. We are three years apart: when I arrived there, Vincenzo was seen as a legend, he was a God. He used to come and play table football with us even when he was a professional and had his house 200 meters away from us. And he never accepted to lose, he has always been very proud and stubborn, it's his strength. But when he lost, we forced him to go under the football table".