Giro d'Italia 2021 Giro d'Italia Stage 3: Biella - Canale 190 KM

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Very importat tofday the last bonus sprint. It is in an importat climb, so some GC names could try to get bonus, and Evenepoel could take that bonus. with race is a dangerous stage and could be dangerous for GC.
Wich is the real profile of the stage?. I have seen different versions, abput last 10 Km, and it is not the same with an smal climb than without it.
There is a short 7% ramp with about 6 km to go but since it is only about 500m long it doesn't really show up on the official profile. I would guess that anyone who has made it that far in the peloton isn't going to have a problem with it but maybe it can be a launchpad for an attacker
Albanese once again in the breakaway. I get that the team wants to have the KoM jersey early on for the sponsors, but Albanese can finish inside the top 10 on a stage like this and is probably the best option that they have for this kind of stage. Can't they just use someone like Fortunato to get the KoM jersey early on?