Giro d'Italia 2021 Giro d'Italia Stage 3: Biella - Canale 190 KM

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Tactical decision for Bora now. The more they keep the pressure on the fewer guys they will have to chase attacks.
I'd say it depends on Sagan's condition.
And those fancying the final spike and rolling finale will also pay attention at Sagan.

I think it's "yellow card" in stage races, immediately in one day races.
But... please don't shoot me if I'm wrong...
I'll take a bullet for you!
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Yeah, I could see Sagan getting dropped here. Of course he's still the favorite (though Gaviria looks surprisingly good), but I wouldn't be surprised if the last climb is too much for him in his current condition. It could come down to a sprint between the likes of Ulissi, Honoré and Moscon.