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Giro d'Italia 2021 Giro d'Italia, Stage 6: Grotte di Frasassi – Ascoli Piceno (S.Giacomo) 160 km

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When will RedheadDane figure out how to make a poll?

  • Before stage 5

    Votes: 5 8.2%
  • Before the end of the Giro

    Votes: 11 18.0%
  • Before the end of the year

    Votes: 16 26.2%
  • Never

    Votes: 29 47.5%

  • Total voters
Damn, sometimes it's cruel that we can watch stages in full. If we had just been able to read about carnage, ending with a fairly dull break, it wouldn't have felt as disappointing as it does now that we saw what could have been.
At least Mollema and Bouchard not managing to close a gap that was 50 meters at one point provides some fun.
chances of the 6 making it to the finish are not that good imo. So either way not a great decision
Why not? ISN doesn't want to give Mäder the jersey, but the team is very weak in the mountains so they would need help from other teams in the middle part of the stage, and I don't really see who's gonna go all out to go for the stage win. Though of course, Movistar might just pull them back for no reason.