Giro d'Italia 2021 Giro d'Italia: Who is going to win? First rest day poll.

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Who will win the 2021 Giro d'Italia?

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I'm sticking with Remco, although even as he has met or exceeded realistic expectations, obviously hope is dwindling somewhat considering Bernal's strength and other contenders still lurking dangerously. If he had made it into the pink jersey I would be more optimistic, but I'm not giving up yet.
Voting Vlasov hete, but depends entirely on wednesday. So far he has really limited his losses while before the giro i thought most stages did not suit him.

In the High Mountains, I think he can do a lot of damage. But of course if Bernal climbs well he is the actual favorite with REV being second.
I went for Carthy - but mostly for the option of someone who will ride well in the high mountains. I might be wrong but I can't vote for Evenepoel as I don't know what he'll be like in the 3rd week or in a TT at the end of 3 weeks with fatigue in his legs. Bernal/Carthy/Yates/Martin/Vlasov could all finish above him.
Voted for Bernal, but I could see his back becoming a problem again and Remco imploding in the 3rd week, but so far he looks like the man to beat.
One thing that people haven't talked about so far is attacks on the downhill section, Bernal could gain a decent amount of time on Remco on the Giau descent and if he goes on the penultimate climb on stage 20 (the descent is pretty technical).
Vlasov has struggled at altitude in the Österreich-Rundfahrt 2 years ago (his form was good, he won on a steep MTF 2 days later), so no idea if that's a weakness that he has or if that was just a bad day.
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Head says Bernal, heart says Remco. Barring health issues, i would say those two top up the podium with Vlasov third - As I expected pre-race.

Ciccone (whose performance actually surprised me) and Carthy rounding up top5.
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Yates is doing the reverse 2018 Yates, meaning his peak is coming soon. Well at least I hope so.

I can't see past Bernal, but it's just been one week. Someone in this thread made a good point about Remco and Bernal still being young, unexperienced, with question marks next to their health. Bad for them obviously and I am not wishing anyone any issues, but this uncertainty is good for the race, as you never know when someone can blow up. All I can say is I am still hoping for a Yates comeback, and that all the key stages deliver, because the potential certainly is there.

But as of today, my prediction would be:

  1. Bernal
  2. Carthy
  3. Vlasov
  4. Remco
  5. Yates
  6. Ciccone