2021 World Championships in Flanders: Road Races

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I'm afraid Niewiadoma is too active and spending too much energy on covering the attacks at this point of the race. I mean, it's Dutch and Italians thing to do it.
At the start of the race Rolf Aldag talked about how she needs to race by her gut feeling and making decisions in the situation... otherwise she's totally blocked... but that this doesn't always lead to the best decisions...
He sounded very respectful, but I could imagine that to be quite a clash, Niewiadoma and him, who's such an extremely sober character... :D
I am getting that sinking feeling that Deignan is going to win this. She looked so collected on that climb just now, but the main thing is going to be whether the climbs on this circuit are tough enough to make it a small group rather than teams being able to control it for a reduced bunch gallop where Bastianelli, Deignan, Vos, Rivera, Kopecky and co will be best placed you'd feel.

Edit: ooh, Arlenis Sierra is there too, that would be an intriguing prospective winner if ever there was one.

Edit2: Slow reaction to Marlen Reusser attacking, I would have thought people would have been onto her rear wheel in a split-second given how dangerous she could be with a gap. Very hard to pull somebody of her TT pedigree back.
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