2021 World Championships in Flanders: Road Races

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The Italians should attack themselves, and the Brits shouldn't work at the front.
Problem for the Britons I think is that Shackley has been clearly hanging on for dear life, and I don't think anybody will buy a move from Georgi or Henderson as 'the' move. With the way they've expended effort so far and the tactical inflexibility that has led to Lizzie being option 1, 2, 3 and everything thereafter for the best part of a decade, if Lizzie looks strong they have to be wary of being bluffed into continuing to work. Even though if anything Henderson looks stronger now. Lizzie hit the wall at a similar point in the 2019 Worlds, and was quite some way down when the pace was upped just now too, so I wonder if Anna might now get that freedom.
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Poor Mavi, she's in that awkward doomed phase, the group is too big for miscommunication to let her really hope, but what else can she do but grit her teeth and keep going? Right, final time up the Keizersberg now.

Up comes Demi but it looks like this is to keep the pace high without attacking it seems. Much more tranquillo than I was expecting after the penultimate lap's fireworks.

Wait, wait, d'Hoore is there?! That's a major threat for the finale I didn't expect.
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Domestiques back in to the group. Now Britain are crowding the font for Deignan, and considering how she looked on the penultimate lap I am astounded that especially the Dutch are happy to go toward the last few kilometres with gruppo compatto like this.

Right, now the somewhat belated endgame action begins. A few of the absolute un-sprinters at the front now.
Awful cornering from Kasia creates a small gap but this climb is not really tough enough. Coupled with Kasia being the strongest on it. Dalej dalej!

Vos making the junction kills the group as you might expect, with nobody else wanting to carry her.

Serious splintering of the group and great ride by Arlenis Sierra to match it but they won't want the two groups to come back together. A lot will depend on Ellen van Dijk now.

Cille pulls them across though and it's back together, but the group has been trimmed.

Edit: Vas' climbing mightn't have been as impressive as Kasia's 2014 Giro outings, but her Worlds is even more impressive than Kasia's Ponferrada was.