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Giro d'Italia 2022 Giro d'Italia, Stage 14: Santena – Torino 147 km (Saturday, May 21st)

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This is it.


Is Dombrowski Liberian? Or Puerto Rican?

But the flag actually looks like a Liberia - Puerto Rico crossover.
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Carapaz doesn't have that much over the other favourites in terms of pure watts on big climbs, racecraft is his strength but it just looks like Ineos are doing the Froome train instead of playing to it.
The problem for Carapaz is that he's most effective when everyone's more worried about someone else (obviously not applicable to Pog and Rog who are just too strong for him). I think he'll have to continue to be conservative as the clear favourite.
I don't really think Carapaz will be conservative tbh, I think one of his big strengths is his ability to do repeated days of attacking even if he doesn't have the mega watts of the monsters and I'd not be surprised to see him just try keep everyone under pressure until the end.

BORA train! :O
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