Giro d'Italia 2022 Giro d'Italia, Stage 15: Rivarolo Canavese – Cogne 177 km (Sunday, May 22nd)

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It's a shame but everyone is very close together and also exhausted; this stage needed people to have the legs/desire to attack from range and create gaps. With how the stage started it limited what could happen on the climbs, I think.
This is an awesome stage. Ciccone is going to win. I like him a lot.

I like him, too, and this victory is certainly nice and everything, but I don‘t understand why he is celebrating like a madman there… ;)

After all, tifosi‘s expectations in him have been much bigger, in the past, and also before this Giro. We know he can win stages there, but everyone expected and expects him to do good results in the final GC.

He probably won‘t reach Top-10 in this Giro, so that‘s a bit disappointing… ;)
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