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Giro d'Italia 2022 Giro d'Italia, Stage 15: Rivarolo Canavese – Cogne 177 km (Sunday, May 22nd)

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Yea, the leader's group is clearly happily settling for a status quo at the end of the day at the moment, they've lost about a minute on the climb already. I'm trying to peer at the group when they show it briefly to see if Sepp Kuss has snuck out from behind a tree like Riccardo Riccò at a Gran Fondo in order to ensure everybody is in agreement that nothing interesting should happen.
Peloton spotted
Valverde deliberately losing time (to Martin) to go nito breakaways and hunt stages later.
Or, he knows that Guillaume Martin will lose 20 minutes for nothing on a random stage next week before going attacking again because he realised it was Guillaume Martin. Nobody ever fears losing time to Guillaume Martin because he's so inconsistent, one day he's going to win something big just by nobody paying him any mind and then him shocking us all by not capitulating straight after.