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Giro d'Italia 2022 Giro d'Italia, Stage 18: Borgo Valsugana - Treviso 152 km (Thursday, May 26th)

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it looks like somehow de Bondt ended up with the pineapple in the end - and Oldani with a megaphone. What the heck happened there?! :D


de Bondt will probably have a pineapple every day now
isnt the 3 km rule used to protect against gaps created by crashes leading to the sprint? You still could be gaped for another reason, why is a mechanical under that rule?
Not sure why, exactly--maybe so a rider with a flat won't impede the charging peloton while trying to get the tire or biked changed in the sprint chaos. Also possibly a rule in the "fair play" principles of competition. A flat further out is possible to recover from, but a flat in the final 3km is almost impossible to recover from.