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Giro d'Italia 2022 Giro d'Italia: Stage-by-stage Analysis

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Wasn't Andalo the stage where they went full gas on Mendola and only 4-5 were left on top (with Kruijswijk briefly dropped)? Then they regrouped.
Perhaps it was another stage.
I may have a poor recollection of that stage, but as I remember it, the time differences were small there (on and just after Mendola) and it was not looking sustainable. In the same sense that once Andy and Contador got over Galibier, the move was no longer dangerous and there really weren't any chaos left at that point.
This route would have been fine, if a bit TT-lite if the Genova stage had been harder, as was orginally planned. Having that long stretch between Blockhaus (can't blame the organizers for that not being decisive) and Torino was a big mood-killer.
Make the first TT 20-25 km and keep Genova stage as was planned, or at least similar and there you have race.
Also didn't help that the best climbers of the race (well, on there days at least..) Lopez and Yates dropped out in the first 2 summit finishes. Although Lopez (MA) would have probably lost 20 minutes in Turin an go home Vuelta style.
Yates in pink now would lead to very different dynamic, especially with BEX not so strong.
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To recap:

  • Yates hit the knee at 4th stage
  • Lopez with problems at his muscles
  • Bardet has stomach problems
  • Girmay make himself blind with prosecco
  • Almeida has covid
Something else has to happen ?

Nibali is on the right way to win :grin:
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this is what u get when u design a course that benefits only one type of similarly skilled rider and when you superficially make it close at the top. Defensive riding. Sprints at the end of mountain stages. The stupidity is unreal.

this isn’t even a second class stage race. It’s a third class one.

T-A, Paris-Nice and Itzulia all waaaaaaaay better.
Its hilarious how Vegni says that Pogačar should show a little respect to the Giro by racing it, yet he makes these crappy routes and even wants to move it one week forward making a double with the Tour almost impossible. Going through Slovenia is not enough Mauro...
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